Monday, March 16, 2015

MAC Lippie #2!

Hey guys!
Last week I mentioned at the end of the lippies haul post that I had got a MAC lippie- which is this one right here.
As you can see, there is not a label on the bottom of this lipstick like most products would have. This is because I bought it off of a website that is called
I have heard good things about this site, such as it is legit, and I believe it is. This product is what you would call a factory "blem" meaning something was wrong with it, so the company sells it at a reduced price.
I believe the color of this lipstick is Brave Red from what I can tell on the website, but I am unsure. ACW had it on their site under lipstick #2 so I am unsure.
However, since I do have another MAC lipstick, I did compare the two to look for differences, and I could not spot any. (If anybody notices any let me know)
I got this for- wait for it-
A MAC lipstick for literally a quarter of the price. If it is real that is.
I however have not had any problems with the lipstick itself, and I love the color. It is basically a shimmer color of my lips, so it adds a bit more ummph when I want to have those natural days. I guess you could call it a nude for my skin tone.
I suggest that everyone check out this website if you want some high end makeup for cheaper than the usual price. They also have some limited edition products, so it has a bit for any and everyone(:
Thanks for reading, and let me know if you get anything off this website!
Keep Calm and Sparkle On,

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