Monday, March 23, 2015

Eye Makeup Haul!

Hey Guys!
I have been posting a lot of hauls recently, and they may just keep coming!
I received a sort of beauty box, or well, a girly box a couple of weeks ago, and it included makeup, jewelry, and feminine products. It is called the TOM box. I believe it costs $10/month, however you can like them on Facebook and get your first month for $5!
The first product I received was this Cailyn Mineral Eye shadow Powder in the color Star Purple. It is a loose eye shadow that is great to add a pop of color to any look. It is a very pigmented color and is very beautiful. It retails for $12.00 on their website.
The second product is a liquid eye liner from Cargo Cosmetics in their black color. I was never a fan of liquid liners until I received this product. I am so glad that I received this product because it has really changed the way I apply eye liner by being so easy! It is very prominent and shows up well. It retails on their website for $20.00.
Lastly, this mascara was not a part of the TOM box, but the Walmart box that I talked about in a recent post. I have yet to try this product, so I will update you on how I like it soon. It retails on Walmart for $7.97, so I hope I enjoy this!
I will let you know that this past week was my spring break so I am probably going to upload some more hauls since I am writing this weeks before it will actually go up. I have also purchased another NARS single eye shadow, so look out for a post about that!
I hope you guys had a good spring break if you have already gone, or if you are about to, have fun!
Thanks for reading!
Keep Calm and Sparkle On,

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