Tuesday, July 8, 2014



1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

     Inspiration can come from a variety of people, things, objects, you name it, you can probably be inspired by it. Personally, I have quite a few of inspirations- people more than objects. To name a few, I will start with who inspired me to start this blog.

     Zoe Sugg, or Zoella on youtube, is a person I just came across a few months ago, probably through Joey Graceffa’s vlogs (who will be mentioned again later on). She is a youtuber, blogger, and overall wonderful person- at least in my eyes, and what I see of her life. Of course I don’t know her personally, but through what she shares with us on youtube and through her blogs, I feel as though she is a genuine person, and I would love to meet her. However, she inspired me to write this blog in hopes of doing something that I love, just as she has become a youtuber because of her blog. She is also writing her own fictional book- which is another dream of mine- and that just shows me that she is very hardworking, and I look up to her for that. She is the reason behind this blog, point blank, and I can only hope of achieving part of what she has in the last few years in my future.

     My next inspiration is Connor Franta. Again, he is a youtuber, in which most of my inspirations of today are. If you weren't aware, he is, or was a part of Our2ndLife, a youtube channel consisting of six boys filming their life. However, yesterday (July 7th, 2014) he announced that he would no longer be a part of this channel. This made me instantly upset, because he was the very first youtuber I have ever watched, about 3 or 4 years ago. He did state his reasons, which were that he was not happy with the content he was putting out, and the youtube videos he was making felt more like a job than a hobby, and he did not want to continue feeling like that. How did that inspire me, you might ask? He risked losing viewers over this announcement, but did it anyways. He did it for himself, which I fear that most youtubers don’t do often, if not at all. And it shouldn't be that way. Yes I am a viewer, yes I am a fan, but I am also a human, just like all the people I will talk about in this. They have feelings just like we do, and they deserve to be happy. I am genuinely glad that he stopped making videos to make him happier, instead of continuing and in his videos becoming more distant each time. He inspired me to do what I love, and do what makes me happy, and not to please everyone else, no matter how hard it may be.

     I could continue writing long paragraphs about each youtuber I watch and how they inspired me in a different way, but that would make my introductory blog never ending. But I do have one inspiration that is not a youtuber- my mother. I’m not going to go into complete detail because that is very personal, but let’s just say she is one of the strongest women I know of. She took care of me, my sister, and my grandparents- with no husband. She dealt with the struggles of going from job to job, whilst taking care of herself, and four other people. And finally, she battled cancer. I cannot begin to imagine what went through her head, and how she did not go crazy while having to deal with two growing girls, and probably won’t ever know. I truly know that she loved me to pieces, and I tried my hardest to return that love before she lost her last battle to cancer. However she inspires me to do my best every single day, and I will get the result I am looking for in the end.
     Some of these people I don’t even know, and some of them I hold close to my heart, but all of them have one similarity- never giving up. That’s what I hope to be one day, is an inspiration to just one person- and I believe that is my purpose on this earth. I am starting this blog to write about my feelings, and to also hopefully give a bit of hope to somebody that may be going through some rough times, or maybe even struggling with the same things I am. I just hope that one day I can be what I truly want in life- an inspiration.


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  2. I started my blog thanks to Zoe too, such a big inpiration ! I think she can be proud of what she has done to this world ! :)
    Welcome in the blog community ! x

  3. You're welcome ! Always nice to talk with people from other countries :)

  4. Beautiful post! I also started blogging inspired by Zoella :)
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! She seems to be a big inspiration to a lot of people(: