Monday, March 9, 2015

Lippies Haul!

 Hello there guys! Long time no see... Again. (:
I have been focusing on college, trying to bring up my GPA from last semester (Curse you math!) So I haven't really been thinking about what I could post on here.
However, I went home for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, and stopped by my local target. I found the clearance section (where I will ALWAYS be) and found the bottom two lippies for about $1.50 each!
The first lippie however I received in the $5.00 Walmart Beauty Box for Winter 2014-2015. This box came with this Hard Candy all glossed up hydrating lip stain in the color zippy 923 which I think is ADORABLE! It is a bright pink with loads of glitter, however the color doesn't really show up on my lips, while the sparkles go everywhere! They retail for $5.00 at Walmart, so right there my box was paid for!
The next lipstick is a Maybelline color sensational lipstick in the color rose rush 735. This is a beautiful red color that compliments my skin complexion. It is not a bright red, but more of a subtle one, and so it is great for someone that wants to try a red lippie for the first time. This retails for $5.50, so I got it for about $4.00 less!
The last lipstick I got was the Covergirl colorlicious lipstick in the color temptress rose 405. This color is a very pretty rosy pink color that is great for the upcoming Spring season. I absolutely adore the way this looks, and it is great for anyone who loves their pinks! Again, I got this for around $1.50 and the actual retail price is $5.94, so it was a steal!
I recommend girls who are either trying to build their collection, such as I am, or even just a lippie lover to check out the target clearance section in stores! It is a great way to find these great products at bargain prices. The reason these were on clearance was because there was a bit of the product in the lid as if someone let it up all the way, however it was so little it did not hinder the product one bit.
I also love the idea of all the beauty boxes there are to offer, including the $5.00 Walmart box, and also the $7.00 Target box. They send full sized products as well as samples of others, and usually the products cost more overall than what you pay for the box so it is a great way to sample products you might not want to purchase in store.
Overall I am totally in love with all these lippies, and I am looking forward to going back for more(;
Also, you may ask why isn't the MAC lippie included? I am doing a separate blogpost on it- I just decided- to let you know a couple of things such as how I got it. More will be explained.
But thanks for reading, I promise I have a few more haul posts, then I will start back on other ideas soon!
Keep Calm and Sparkle On,

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  1. I tend to be a darker lip color girl myself. I feel like bright colors make me look like a clown haha. But I love the clearance section as well! Best of luck getting your grades up! Math screwed my gpa over as well :(

    Building The Confidence