Monday, September 8, 2014

Forever 21 Earring Haul!

1. Classic Drop Leaf Earrings

2. Elegant Faux Stone Drop Earrings

3. Luxe Faux Stone Chandelier Earrings

4. Fancy Floral Studs

5. Touch-Of-Glam Faux Stone Studs ( My personal faves! )

So last week for Labor Day, Forever 21 had a BOGO sale on some clearance items, and I scored these beautys!

Now yes, there is only 5- because I bought a sixth pair and my grandma stole them from me! Lol yes, my grandma has style(;

But I am totally in LOVE with these earrings and I'm so excited to pair them with future outfits! 

And I am so freaking happy of the quality considering it came from there, but I am not complaining their items are becoming a love of mine as well as the store in general.

I just thought I would share these with you and get your opinion on them as well as what you think about Forever 21, good or bad?

Keep Calm and Sparkle On,



  1. Omg I love all of them, they're so pretty! I didn't know F21 did such beaut jewellery :) xx

    1. Same! I did not know either, but I am so thankful I got them! (:

  2. They're so nice! I especially like the first pair.

    1. Thank you! I love them all and am so thankful I discovered them! (: