Thursday, September 11, 2014

Estee Lauder Haul!

1. Pure Color Lipstick in '61 Pink Parfait' ( Shimmer )

2. Pure Color Lipstick in '82 Pinkberry' ( Creme )

3. Pure Color Gloss

4. Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

5. Pure Color Eye shadow Quad 
( 79 Summer Linen ( Matte ) 47 Nude Fresco ( Satin ) 35 Hot Cinnamon ( Shimmer ) 45 Lavish Mink ( Matte ) )

So as I metioned previously, I recently went off to college, and so many family members and church members gave me either graduation gifts from my senior year or going away gifts. This was one of my gifts that I wanted to share with you guys because I have recently become obsessed with lipsticks and make up in general more than usual, and I was SO excited to receive this gift!
Estee Lauder was not really something that I thought I would be getting or ever wanting but after seeing the quality of their products I am wanting to purchase even more!
The lipsticks ( which was what I was most excited for ) are in these two gorgeous pinky shades, and I am ever so excited to wear them soon! ( Have I said excited enough? )

Now since it is becoming fall, I think I am going to purchase a brown shade and maybe a deep red, which if  I do I will surely do a post because I think they will be YSL or MAC(:
Leave comments down below with your thoughts and your favorite make up brand! Also if you have any recommendations of lipstick brands or shades because I am defiantly in the market for some new ones(:

Keep Calm and Sparkle On,



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