Thursday, July 17, 2014




1. informal
a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate.

When I think of crush, I usually don’t think of crushing something, but more in an aspect of having an infatuation with someone, (quite possibly something if you wish). I believe that crushes are inevitable, and you can have them in grade school, all the way until you basically wither away.
Crushes come in all shapes and sizes (literally) and they can leave you feeling all giddy inside. I think it is amazing that we were put on this earth to find our one true love, which I am a strong believer of, and I think crushes are put there to as a challenge to find out if you have found your true match or not. They are the test to see what ‘type’ of person you are most compatible with, or in some cases your total opposite. However, I’ve had my fair share, whether it be in school, or a person I fantasize about from the big screen.

I believe that again having a crush is inevitable, and you really can’t do anything about it. Not saying that you can’t turn that crush into a relationship, but you will always think someone is cute, or like a person’s personality. I think it is great that we can find things to admire about one another, and that also helps you get closer to your perfect match, because you start seeing things you like about a person more and more, and think, “That’s a quality I want my partner to have.” However, if your crush is someone that is just out of reach, or even if it is a celebrity, that doesn’t mean that it is completely wasteful.

Such as me, I have had a crush on someone for all of high school, but it never really blossomed into a relationship not because I didn’t try, but because I didn’t really view it as romantically possible, I guess you could say? I liked being just friends, and I feared that if we became more than just friends, our friendship could be put in jeopardy if anything happened, such as us breaking up. But that is just a chance that I should have took- and I may not get the chance again. But, it has shown me many qualities I now look for in a guy, such as a sense of humor, sensitivity, etc.

Where I am going with this is that life is to short to not say yes- a thing I learned from Zoe, of course. Not even just that, but to take chances while you can, which is something that I have not done until now. I took a chance making this blog, and pouring out my feelings and thoughts to people I don’t know, but it is helping me so very much. Back on the crush situation though, you may have to take that chance and tell your crush about your feelings, even if that means rejection. I know its going to hurt, but in the long run it will help you, and make you stronger. And you never know, it could turn out that your crush has been crushin’ on you back(;. But if its a celebrity, tweet him/her until your hearts content, or they reply, whichever comes first(:

I wanted to post this mainly to get my feelings out, but to also encourage not only myself, but others to take chances while you can. Not to be cheesy or anything, but you really and truly only live once and you have to make the best of it, because one day that person you fancied so much might not be there anymore, and you missed your chance. Of course it is not going to be easy at all, but it could quite possibly change your life. And girls, you don’t have to wait on a guy to tell you they like you, or ask you out, take charge sometimes! Just don’t go overboard(:

Thank you for reading my thoughts, and comment below some qualities you look for in a person!