Monday, August 18, 2014

NARS Eyeshadow!

Alrighty, as promised, here is my first NARS product!

It is a single eye shadow in 'Silent Night' and let me just say.. It's a beauty.

I received it in the mail just under a week ago, and have been so busy and couldn't upload but I finally got the chance today. I also wore it yesterday (Sunday, August 17) and I am in love with the color pay off. 

It is a gold color with many flecks of shimmer and sparkle, and is right up my alley. I love browns and golds on my lids personally, and this one has quickly become a favorite of mine. 

Now I do want to say that I am not bragging, in fact I will say that I did not order this off of the original NARS website. ( insert crowd gasps here. )

If I were to buy this from the website, this small compact would of cost me almost 30 dollars, and I am not one who spends loads of money on well, anything. I actually stumbled across this piece on Storenvy, from a seller that was just clearing her unused or lightly used makeup, and scored this for only 10.50 shipped. A steal right?

So I would definatly buy NARS products from the original place now that I know what good quality their products are, but also if I am on a budget ( like now since I am about to be in college ) I do not mind ordering items such as this from other people, AS LONG AS THEY ARE CLEAN. Just to make that clear. 

But all in all, I am in love with this eye shadow, and I am so glad I purchased it. Leave a comment down below telling me what your first NARS product was/is or even what you want to be your first product. 

This is the end ( for now ) of these sort of product reviews for a while, as I said I am about to be attending college for the first time, so I will be focused on that. However, I do have some ideas about some new DIY blog posts, and also the tips I have for college freshman, or things of that sort. 

If you have any suggestions for blog posts, leave them in the comments as well(:

Keep Calm and Sparkle On,



  1. I like your blog, its really cool. I'll follow you, follow back?
    Kisses from,

    1. Aww thank you! Of course I will surely follow(:

  2. I also love browns and golds for look's like it would look amazing!